Nerf N-Force Product Line Review

The N-Force product line is Nerf's range of foam melee weapons set in a futuristic setting. In this video, I briefly go over each of my melee weapons as well...

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  1. Mr.AsianFrogy Games says:

    Thanks Chinese Man

  2. majoradragon says:

    Thats no dagger that’s a steak knife.

  3. Purple Jaguar says:

    This is the first time I’ve seen anything Nerf. I like it. Thanks for

  4. Nerfkillerthriller says:

    I want the meroter long sword

  5. HardcoreGingerbreadMan McMuffin says:

    I miss zellers. SO MUCH BETTER THAN TARGET!!!!

  6. Nasir Martinez says:

    there called short swords because there one handed like a gladios a long
    sword is longer and two handed for extra levreage

  7. Panda Pills says:

    Do you play badmintan

  8. Will Fents says:

    I love nerf swords 

  9. p51mustang19 says:

    short sword?? that’s more like a dagger!

  10. doublea125 says:

    The mace is designed to look like a mace? Weird.

  11. Giulio Rossi says:

    Dude the n-force swords are great, they work fine in nerf gun fights, the
    work GREAT in nerf gun fights, they also work out fine in just sword

  12. Xennon Kalosh says:

    Aw shiet, zellers had a sale in june? surprised i missed that.

  13. samwiseland says:

    Why reference halo when its completely obvious you’ve never played any of
    the games? Nothing personal I’ve noticed a lot of kids doing it recently ,
    not trying to be a troll or anything, just a question.

  14. ninjamaster337 says:

    Ive used the warlock its kinda cool….On my friends brother.

  15. David Lindsey says:

    jk u vid cool

  16. dmclpmaster688no2 says:

    my long sword is bent too i find it agitating at times

  17. TheItalydrummer says:

    i want to use the stonewall sheild with a vantage or a shadow fury sword.
    heck yes

  18. Shikshalak says:

    yea they did but you can still find them on Amazon eBay etcetera

  19. MegaMacadam says:

    is latex

  20. Shikshalak says:

    i have all of the n force weapons. lol im such a nerd 😛

  21. NintenBoxGamer says:

    add duck tape to the fury ones slow process but makes durability better, do
    the same with the master sword and add a paint job

  22. Mr.Prozac says:

    Actually, the warlock axe is a lot different. It’s made well, it’s great
    for battle, and overall it’s a great weapon.

  23. macdanash123 says:

    nah dood dats plastic

  24. ArathiBasinFTW says:


  25. ThePotatoFamen says:

    By far one of the best reviews I’ve seen.