NERF: How To Mod The Spectre Rev-5

NERF: How To Mod The Spectre Rev-5

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  1. Ricardo Wharton says:

    What he did it works becouse I just did it to my nerf gun

  2. tyranid448 says:

    This mod does nothing…infact it just made the guns range worse. have I
    done something wrong?

  3. thecrazyrom says:

    I know, it kinda is. But what they are showing, is the same exact mod as
    the Maverick.

  4. thecrazyrom says:

    Isn’t this the same mod as the maverick?

  5. Israpheal sixseveneight says:

    and the small one in the tactical rail

  6. trev tarr says:

    I’ll buy that off you 20.00$ or best price ok

  7. Jeffrey Ames says:

    DO NOT remove or cut the long pieces that the bullet goes into that makes
    it worse but just remove the restrictor and the spring

  8. jordans rampage says:

    no u cut the peg off to dipshit

  9. 8-tec says:

    the Spectre Rev-5 is a upgraded maverick

  10. Jeffrey Ames says:

    Yea it does because I did the same thing with my maverick but one thing
    don’t remove the long piece that the bullets go into

  11. Israpheal sixseveneight says:

    all this is using your HANDS or CUTTERS now take a hammer

  12. TheDutchVlogger Amin says:

    does this works cuz im going to do it right now