Water Gun Games – How To Have Big Fun With Water Guns

Water Gun Games - How To Have Big Fun With Water Guns

Now that the weather's becoming warmer people are heading outside for the leisure activities. And what better way to have fun in the sun than to shoot your friends and family with water.

The great thing about water gun games is that they can be enjoyed by the entire family.

I'll say right now that the more powerful the water pistol, the better. Those weak and flimsy things they used to sell in the 80′s are old hat. Now we have Super Soakers and water rifles and even guns that can shoot water pellets.

Water Gun Freeze Tag

Yes, this one's a little innocuous. There's no chance of injury and everyone can have fun. And there's plenty of scope for cheating.

The rules are simple

It's every man for himself
Shoot everyone else
If you get shot you have to freeze in place until everyone is frozen
The winner is the individual left unfrozen

Fun for the whole family

Let's move on to something a little more edgy...

Blindfolded Water Gun Mayhem

This one might be a little risky, so be very careful. Make sure there is at least one person with unimpaired vision present and don't play near a swimming pool. Again, very simple rules, that you might have even figured out by reading the title.

Place a loaded water pistol near the combatants
Blindfold them
So 'GO' in a loud voice
Watch and laugh as the blindfolded buffoons attempt to shoot each other.
The last person left unshot is the victor

Bystanders can shout directions, or misdirections, to the players to add to the general hilarity.

The third and final game I'm going to mention might be difficult to arrange by yourself, it's called StreetWars.

Played by adults who have nothing better to do and plainly need more attention than they're getting, it's a real life assassination tournament, but with Supersoakers. You're given the name, address and photograph of your victim and you must track him/her down and shoot him/her with your water gun. You then become the contractor out to get that person's potential victim.

StreetWars has been played for real in Canada, Britain and the US, and even in Paris and there are 'huge' cash prizes.

Excellent. Got nothing to do, give it a try.

As we can see, there's no need for expensive electronic toys and console games to have real fun. A couple of water gun games and the sky's the limit.

Two great examples of water guns are Xploderz which shoot water pellets up to like 50 feet away, and everyone's favorite water guns, Super Soakers.

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