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HALO Big Launcher Blaster Multiple Darts Kid Play Nerf Long Shot Toy Gun America

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Sniper NERF LONGSHOT CS 6 N-STRIKE Complete Dart Gun Tested Working
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Nerf N-Strike Elite Longshot CS-6 (Blue Version)
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Nerf Longshot CS-6 Sniper Dart Gun Scope Two Clips Max 18

NERF CS-6 N-Strike Blue Longshot Soft Foam Dart Gun COMPLETE

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Original Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6 Sniper Dart Gun Awesome condition
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Nerf Longshot CS-6 Scope accessory add-on
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Legendarny Nerf Longshot CS 6 – recenzja i

Legendarny Nerf Longshot CS 6 - recenzja i

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Nerf Retaliator vs Elite Longshot

Took a stock N-Strike Elite Retaliator up against the Elite Longshot that I built myself. Then I loaded them both with Elite Darts for range and performance ...
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Nerf Review: Longshot vs Longstrike

Who will win in the ultimate nerf comparison?

can someone tell me how to make a shotgun foregrip on a nerf longshot?

Question by Lil' red: can someone tell me how to make a shotgun foregrip on a nerf longshot?
I saw a video on Youtube that showed a nerf longshot with a shotgun foregrip and i wanted to make one wicked bad. Can anyone help?

Best answer:

Answer by Jason T
Take a look here, that should get you well on your way:

Also, check out as well

Happy modding!

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Any way to use Nerf Suction Cup Bullets for Nerf Longshot?

Question by Nam-Dongsaeng: Any way to use Nerf Suction Cup Bullets for Nerf Longshot?
Hi I have a Nerf Longshot CS-6 and I only have like.. 22 bullets and 4 or 5 ammo clips (alot of the bullets went M.I.A.) So is there any way I can make my suction cup darts to fit in the mag of my longshot?

Best answer:

Answer by rrocks05
well if you forced it in it might work but i would just stick to using your regular bullets unless you want to risk damaging your longshot

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Nerf Gun Inventory LongShots 2

Nerf Gun Inventory LongShots 2
Nerf Longshot
Image by animakitty
Four Longshots: Two are right out of the box as of May 20th. The complete Longshot in the front is modified with an additional spring, boosting ranges up to eighty feet. The fourth is a Longshot I'm in the middle of painting.

Nerf Longstrike Review

Nerf Longstrike Review

The Nerf Longstrike is one of the coolest toy guns around both for the young and the young at heart. It is one of the best Nerf guns ever created. Hasbro has sold more than millions of these by simply looking at its appearance.

It is the longest Nerf Blaster though it does not have the longest range of one. It is simply the longest with 3 feet long. It is a couple of inches longer than the Longshot. However the Longstrike is a little bit disappointing because it somehow resembles the sniper rifle. Hasbro has chosen the reverse plunger system as with the Raider and Deploy. They use it instead of a direct plunger system. Many of the shots will be on a range of 30 feet to 35 feet without its barrel attachment. It is not bad though but it is not also great. The barrel attachment seems to produce a negative impact on the gun's range.

This new interiorl of the gun with a reverse plunger system gives it a hard time to get the speed instead of using a direct plunger system. Because of it the gun does not give out much force and the darts don't go as far as what it could actually achieve with a direct plunger system.

The Longstrike doesn't have much difference with the Longshot when it comes to range. However the Longstrike is much lighter than the Longshot. It is also less bulky in appearance. Whatever you choose, you are sure to enjoy playing with these guns. The Longstrike is sturdier and it is also a good blaster.

Some features include in a Longstrike gun is that it is compatible with the parts interchangeable found in other models of the N-Strike guns. One of its great features is it can hold 2 clips in addition on its shoulder stock. This will enable a quick reload once you are in the heat of war.

In conclusion, the Longstrike is one of the greatest looking Nerf guns that have ever been made. However, it is not to be expected of a good performance. You can increase its range if you are going to make some modifications. But it may look crazy to make it look like a rifle but it shoots a little farther than out of the box Nite Finder. The Nerf Longstrike is a great gun for battle. It makes you feel the thrill of a real battle and is great for keeping the enemy at bay.

The Nerf Longstrike is a great Nerf gun. You can get it online or in toy stores

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Longshot CS 6 Review

Longshot CS 6 Review

Being parents, you would want to give your children durable and safe toys to play with. It is best that the toy will last for the duration in which your children will be interested in. Longshot CS 6 blaster toy by Nerf is one such toy that you might want to consider buying for your kids.

Reloadable Clips

In the Nerf range of blaster toys, Longshot CS 6 is one of the most sought after 2-in-1 blaster toy model. It includes 12 darts that can be fitted into the 2 quick reloadable clips. The clip appears in each part of the Longshot. When you separate the blasters, a clip will be in each blaster. This feature makes Longshot a great sharing toy as 2 children can play together at the same time.


This Longshot CS 6 comes with pinpoint targeting scope. This allows kids to aim and shoot at their target accurately. The darts are covered with rubber foam. When the darts hit you, it is not painful at all. This is an advantage as you do not know when you will be the target!


The one feature that attracted most kids to Longshot CS 6 is that it can shoot up to 35 ft. This is considered very far for your small kids. They will definitely be amazed at seeing their yellow and neon orange dart foam shooting that far. Imagine the thrill you will see on their faces.

This Nerf Longshot CS 6 blaster toy is very simple and quick to assemble. This blaster is suitable for kids of ages 6 yrs and up. Apart from kids, even older children and adults love this toy. This toy is recommended for anyone who is searching for a budget friendly, enjoyable, durable, and long-lasting toy. It will definitely be a huge hit in your house. Make no mistake, everyone wants one of this!

Head down to Longshot CS 6 now to compare prices while stocks last. All available suppliers are listed.

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