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Nerf Kidwell Mod Longstrike CS-6

Nerf Kidwell Mod Longstrike CS-6 - Air Restrictor Removal with NO DISASSEMBLY REQUIRED!! Chris and Paul demonstrate how to use less than in parts to perform th...
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Nerf Vulcan 500 RPM Modification

Fun Nerf gun mod to raise the fire rate of the Vulcan to about 500 Rpm. All you need is some wire 2 RC battery packs and some time. Firing comparison starts ...

[MOD] Nerf Rapidstrike Modification – Voltage Increase

My Nerf store: ----------------------------------------------------------------- Modifie...
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Nerf Stampede “Terminator” Spring LongShot Modification

Worker MOD Combo 50p Short Darts Breech Modification Kit for Nerf RETALIATOR Toy

End Date: Tuesday Mar-20-2018 8:45:28 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $33.34
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Nerf Modification Upgrade Spring - Double Power Doominator, Slingfire,
End Date: Thursday Mar-8-2018 7:45:44 PST
Buy It Now for only: $3.99
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3D Printing Modification Kit for Nerf CS-18 N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike - Black
End Date: Saturday Mar-3-2018 1:13:45 PST
Buy It Now for only: $36.89
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Do It Your Self Loan Modification With Bank Ready Forms

Do It Your Self Loan Modification With Bank Ready Forms
Powerful Bank ready Forms in word doc, that will help you save thousands of dollars with your loan modification. Simply fill in the forms with the information need from your bank, print and mail.
Do It Your Self Loan Modification With Bank Ready Forms

What are some simple nerf longshot modifications?

Question by trombone: What are some simple nerf longshot modifications?
im a beginner at nerf gun modifications, what are some simple yet effective modifications i can do?
Haha not what I was looking for, but gave me a good laugh. I think I'll stick to nerfing because I can do it inside my house without destroying the house.

Best answer:

Answer by Anthony
What you need:
Metal trash can
Gallon of gas
$ 159.94

Take the hammer and repeatedly smash that piece of crap.
Place pieces in trash can and pour gas over them.
light the book of matches and throw in the trash can.
Proceed to Walmart and buy a paintball gun.
Modification Complete.

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“Kidwell Mod” for Nerf Deploy CS-6 Gun

Air Restrictor Removal with NO DISASSEMBLY REQUIRED!! Chris and Paul demonstrate how to make a Nerf Deploy CS-6 shoot dramatically farther with some simple tools and a 10 minute hack. The hack was invented by Paul Kidwell and is now officially known as the "Kidwell Mod" for Nerf guns. More information at

Nerf gun modification steampunk fashion

This is my Nerf Maverick gun modification 'The Blunder Bettie' done to look like a Brass steampunk gun with all joins sanded down and added metal and Brass parts. l've basically made it for a steampunk model shoot later this year. Please visit for more info and pictures under its renamed title The Blunder Bettie. Also l've more photography and art at
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Factors You Should Understand Before Shopping for New 2011 Nerf Guns

Factors You Should Understand Before Shopping for New 2011 Nerf Guns

Since a childor perhapsan adult, some along with especially men wants toplay with guns and pretend they'rein the battle. Because the real ones can cause a person's life, there are toy guns available in toy shops. However, guns vary in form and somethingof the very most popular toys today could be the nerf guns. This not simply played by children but adults too. And since today a number of hobbyists are into nerf guns, Nerf Gun buyers guide is vitalto find outthe most up-to-date trends of Nerf Guns.

As most men desires becoming Rambo, Mission impossible, be part of the Expendables or maybe amember of the SWAT team once in their lives. Others pursue these dreams while mostseem to bedeal with just dreaming. Even though they can't end up likethe above mentionedin real life, games using nerf guns can be purchased. nerf guns like darts but won't harm in any respect. Instead, the bullets are made of foam or rubber or any soft substance to ensure one hit, no pose any danger. Even though this is only intended for gaming, a great deal of men young, teenagers and even adults are dependent on it theywant to constantly upgrade their gear. Your, they mustbe aware of Nerf Gun buyers guide.

For hard core gamers, it is important toare aware of the Nerf Gun buyers guide or otherwiseunderstand how tobuy a nerf gun. There are lots offorms of nerf gun available and discovering the rightis important. Firstly, a buyer ought to understand thathe or she is very to the game. Investing in a Nerf gun in the interest of just buying it since it is popular is just nota good idea. Someoneshould haveinterest in gaming is essential. Then, reading about Nerf Gun is vital. By reading regarding ita personknows what Nerf gun to getand what's applicable to his strength. It is usuallyessential tounderstand what the skill level is. A couple of Nerf Gun buyers guide include purchasing a Nerf Disc shot much more the basic. A Magstrike works extremely wellif your role to get played is a soldier. But whena person is an ace, then an N-strike Longshot is especially recommended.

Getting a Nerf Gun includes modification in the recent products purchased, so it'svital that youcut backfor the accessories or the gun itself. A diehard gamer sees that constant upgrade is essential. So before getting into this hobby, there must be much viewed as made. Getting a lot of ammos or bullets along with the needed accessories like ammo belts should be purchased to ensure thatsubstantiallythe specific Nerf Games, the probability of survival and even winning your competitors is abovethe remaining.

Getting constant update of what merchandise is available is a mustin every Nerf Gun Buyer Guide. These updates can be seen in forums of Nerf gun enthusiasts. Also, visiting websites on the internet that sell Nerf guns are practical website traffic sites offer great discounts as well asfree freight.

Search online for more info related to nerf sniper rifle? Have a look at this nerf gun website to learn more!

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Nerf dart modification help?

Question by butter: Nerf dart modification help?
There's one modification where you put electrical tape near the dart's rubber point. Can I just use duct tape instead?

Best answer:

Answer by billybenj
I've never heard of doing this before, it doesn't seem like it would help at all. You could try doing it to one dart with duct tape and see how it goes, electrical tape would probably work better though.

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